Ebony Twilight

Session 1: The Knife's Edge

The party was hired by Raulst to help transport a large shipment of “residium” from Suzail (Cormyr) to Everska. The party met the crew of the airship that night, in the ships common area. Raz, the co-pilot of the ship introduced herself to the party, along with a few of the crew members. A small party with lots of ale ensued.

Emmanuel took it upon himself to explore the cargo area during this, and broke upon one of the crates down in the hold. He stole a few vials after tasting some, and found them to contain concentrated scorpion venom. On his way upstairs, an alarm glyph alerted Raz and she ran down into the hold. Emmanuel successfully, intimidated her into going back upstairs. Later, Hollysaadi also went down into the hold, and pocketed a few vials herself. When the alarm brought Raz back downstairs, she stealed onto the ceiling and hid until Raz went back upstairs.

On top of the ship, Naivara watched as the stars disappeared from sight, realizing the ship had been dragged into the Shadowfel, she ran downstairs to warn the rest of the party. It was then that the airship came under fire from a group of winged creatures know only as Kir-Lanna and a robbed figure on a shadow creature. A few of them landed on the ship and tried to destroy the ships ballista, but the party managed to repel them. When pressed about the assault, Raulst revealed the true cargo of the ship, a small tome he was transporting from agents unkown in Suzail to The Academy in Everksa. During the attack, a robbed figure and some of the Kir-Lanna summoned a large dragon, and the dragon managed to send the airship crashing into the Farsea swamp.


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